Speymill Group Plc Snapshot

Primary Country ListingIOM
StatusAIM Listed
SectorSupport Services

Overview from Annual Report

Total Employee Cost (£m)7.4214.002

Latest Results from Interim

Turnover (£m)35.310
Pre-tax profit (£m)3.190
EPS (undiluted and pre-exceptionals) (p)4.520
Dividend (p)0.50
Notes: Figures from 2006 in accordance with IFRS  

Latest Results from Annual Report

Turnover (£m)52.722.3
Pre-tax Profit (£m)2.26-0.52
EPS (Norm Dil.) ( p) 3.90-0.55
Dividend (p)
NotesFigures from 2006 in accordance with IFRS

Figures at Last Close

Closing Share Price (p)13.25
Number of Shares in Issue (m)58.31
Market Capitalisation (£m)7.73

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