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30/09/2009Reg. News10:10Speymill PLC - Posting of Interim Report
28/09/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding
22/09/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Half Yearly Report
29/05/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Result of AGM
27/04/2009Reg. News08:44Speymill PLC - Availability of accounts
07/04/2009Reg. News07:30Speymill PLC - Restoration of Listing
07/04/2009Reg. News07:30Speymill PLC - Preliminary results
07/04/2009Reg. News07:30AIM - Restoration - Speymill PLC
07/04/2009Reg. News07:30Speymill PLC - Change of Adviser
03/04/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Notice of Results
30/01/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Related Party Loan
27/01/2009Reg. News07:00Speymill Deutsche Immobilien Co PLC - Statement re Speymill plc
26/01/2009Reg. News09:01Speymill PLC - Statement re. Suspension
26/01/2009Reg. News07:45AIM - Suspension - Speymill plc
24/12/2008Reg. News10:56Speymill PLC - Change of Adviser
23/12/2008Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Trading Update
24/11/2008Reg. News07:00Speymill PLC - Trading Update
30/09/2008Reg. News13:38Speymill PLC - Issue of Equity/Director Shareholding
22/09/2008Reg. News07:02Speymill PLC - Interim Results
30/07/2008Reg. News11:50Speymill PLC - Directorate Change
24/07/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill PLC - Trading Statement
15/07/2008Reg. News16:54Speymill PLC - Holding(s) in Company
07/07/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill DeutscheImm - C Share Portfolio Update
24/06/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill Macau Prop - Statement re. Press Comment
11/06/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill Macau Prop - US$132m Residential Property Investment
09/06/2008Reg. News16:45Speymill PLC - Doc re Audited Financial Statements
04/06/2008Reg. News12:27Speymill PLC - Holding(s) in Company
02/06/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill Group PLC - Acquisition of GOAL minority interest
20/05/2008Reg. News11:49Speymill Group PLC - AGM Statement
30/04/2008Reg. News11:59Speymill Macau Prop - Result of AGM
28/04/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill Macau Prop - New Joint Venture
17/04/2008Reg. News10:36Speymill DeutscheImm - Holding(s) in Company
17/04/2008Reg. News10:36Speymill Macau Prop - Manager Acquires Shares
11/04/2008Reg. News08:35Speymill Group PLC - Change of Registered Office
07/04/2008Reg. News12:42Speymill Group PLC - Final Results - Replace
07/04/2008Reg. News07:03Speymill Group PLC - Final Results
01/04/2008Reg. News16:34Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
01/04/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment update
31/03/2008Reg. News07:03Speymill DeutscheImm - Dividend Declaration
31/03/2008Reg. News07:02Speymill DeutscheImm - Interim Results
27/03/2008Reg. News18:25Speymill Macau Prop - Share buyback
26/03/2008Reg. News18:09Speymill Macau Prop - Share buyback
26/03/2008Reg. News07:02Speymill Group PLC - Notice of Results
03/03/2008Reg. News08:46Speymill Macau Prop - Notice of Results
03/03/2008Reg. News08:43Speymill DeutscheImm - Notice of Results
09/01/2008Reg. News07:14Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
08/01/2008Reg. News07:01Speymill Macau Prop - Acquisition Update
30/11/2007Reg. News10:16Speymill DeutscheImm - Result of AGM and EGM
28/11/2007Reg. News13:27Speymill Group PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding
26/11/2007Reg. News16:32Speymill Group PLC - Trading Update
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19/03/2008Speymill Macau - Preliminary Results 200778 kb
28/09/2007Speymill Macau - Interim Results 200783.8 kb
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