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The Information below was received from the London Stock Exchange's Regulatory News Service up to 19/09/07.

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11/09/2007Reg. News15:28Speymill Group PLC - Scheme of arrangement
03/09/2007Reg. News17:27Speymill Group PLC - AIM Rule 26
30/08/2007Reg. News15:23Speymill Group PLC - Notice of Results
20/08/2007Reg. News07:03Speymill Group PLC - Joint Venture
02/08/2007Reg. News09:51Speymill Group PLC - AGM/Court/EGM Statement
01/08/2007Reg. News07:07Speymill DeutscheImm - Financing Update
31/07/2007Reg. News12:39Speymill Group PLC - Total Voting Rights
10/07/2007Reg. News07:01Speymill Group PLC - Posting of Documents
09/07/2007Reg. News09:10Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
02/07/2007Reg. News15:18Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
29/06/2007Reg. News07:05Speymill Group PLC - Re-org re Scheme of Arrangemt
18/06/2007Reg. News16:01Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
13/06/2007Reg. News10:47Speymill Group PLC - Annual Report and Accounts
24/05/2007Reg. News14:24Speymill Macau Prop - Holding(s) in Company
09/05/2007Reg. News13:05Speymill DeutscheImm - Result of EGM
09/05/2007Reg. News07:06Speymill Macau Prop - Completion of Placing
30/04/2007Reg. News07:04Speymill Group PLC - Final Results
25/04/2007Reg. News12:58Speymill Macau Prop - Update on property portfolio
02/04/2007Reg. News07:02Speymill Group PLC - Notice of Results
29/03/2007Reg. News07:04Speymill DeutscheImm - Interim Results
20/03/2007Reg. News12:23Speymill Macau Prop - Second investment
16/03/2007Reg. News07:05Speymill DeutscheImm - Proposed Fundraising
16/03/2007Reg. News07:03Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
16/02/2007Reg. News10:57Speymill Group PLC - Trading Statement
05/02/2007Reg. News09:45Speymill DeutscheImm - Further Investments
15/01/2007Reg. News07:04Speymill Group PLC - Senior Management Appointment
28/12/2006Reg. News07:02Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
22/12/2006Reg. News12:52Speymill Group PLC - Total Voting Rights
18/12/2006Reg. News17:11Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
14/12/2006Reg. News14:38Speymill DeutscheImm - Final Results
01/12/2006Reg. News10:16Speymill Macau Prop - First Investment
27/11/2006Reg. News07:04Speymill DeutscheImm - Further Investments
17/11/2006Reg. News07:02Speymill Group PLC - AIM listing of Speymill Macau
03/11/2006Reg. News09:56Speymill Group PLC - Macau Fund to be launched
23/10/2006Reg. News07:03Speymill DeutscheImm - Investment Update
16/10/2006Reg. News10:11Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
27/09/2006Reg. News14:03Speymill DeutscheImm - Further Investments
20/09/2006Reg. News09:35Speymill Group PLC - Interim Results
11/07/2006Reg. News10:43Speymill Group PLC - Directorate Change
27/06/2006Reg. News16:52Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
22/06/2006Reg. News10:15Speymill Group PLC - Senior Appointment
24/05/2006Reg. News11:46Speymill Group PLC - Result of AGM
24/05/2006Reg. News07:05Speymill DeutscheImm - Initial Investments
10/05/2006Reg. News16:27Speymill Group PLC - Issue of Equity
05/05/2006Reg. News12:40Speymill Group PLC - Director/PDMR Shareholding
19/04/2006Reg. News07:04Speymill Group PLC - Final Results
23/03/2006Reg. News17:23Speymill Group PLC - Fee Sharing Agreement
17/03/2006Reg. News07:53Speymill Group PLC - Speymill secures second fund
23/02/2006Reg. News07:05Speymill Group PLC - Redemption of loan stock
10/02/2006Reg. News11:49Speymill Group PLC - Press Release
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